Monday, 17 September 2012

Zombie living... Take Oranges for the cold...

Second week of college was going so well. The Socs Day was brilliant, got to see some Anime on Thursday night, and then I took part in the Third Annual Galway Zombie Walk...

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 It was amazing! The evening was to raise funds for the Make A Wish foundation, so you could donate a few euro to get painted up as a Zombie, or just have blood on you and be a Survivor. The event took place from the Spanish Arch. The makeup team did a fantastic job on the huge crowd that turned up, not sure how they got everyone all done!

 I was the first one to volunteer myself as a Zombie makeover person, and I specifically asked for the Works, so I got it! Bloody mouth, scratches of blood on my arms and face, huge pulsating gashes on my face... It was so amazing ^_^"

 Everyone was admiring each other's zombie (or survivor) attire. It was so nice to talk to everyone there, as I had gone on my own. I still felt out of place at times though, only because I didn't push myself to talk more. But everyone was so lovely ^_^/

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Around 10pm (I think), we slowly started making our way up through Shop Street up towards Eyre Square. Photographers were taking our photos like paparazzi at a fashion show. The audience were either taking photos of us, amused by the sight, or scared stiff. I was a terrible zombie, but I loved it!

 Afterwards, we were entertained with a fire show in Eyre Square, and then free entry into The Bentley club. I went in for one drink to warm my cold undead body, and then went home...

 Since then, I have had a terrible cold with a sore throat. Bleh. Am taking tons of Vit C, painkillers, cough syrup, drinking plenty of fluids, Lemsip... Nothing has worked yet. Even lost most of my voice :'( I must not miss any classes tomorrow though. I hate being ill, it is not fun missing lectures and society meetings!

 Hugs, M xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Starting off anew...

(A piece I wrote in I will paste the pieces I write from there onto here... ^_^/)

Ok, so I tried to hook up my personal blog to the account, but it failed. Maybe it's better off.

I'm Máire, nice to meet you *waves both hands enthusiastically at a computer screen...* ... Weird much?

I got a lovely card from the nice guys at NUIG Blog Soc about this site, so thought I would sign up and give it a go. Today was a very hectic day for Societies Day around the NUI Galway campus, and was helping out my friends in Cumann Drámaíochta (Irish Drama Soc), An Cumann Craic (Irish Fun Soc), and Life Society. So, while most of the Galway student population took to the streets to sample some entertainment for the evening, I had conked out on the bed (YES, I am very disappointed! I was invited to a party and all, still didn't push me! *sigh*)

Am currently trying to figure out how to balance 2nd year subjects, study, and attend at least 27 societies. Am serious! They are all so good! I have since organised them all into a Bookmark folder on Chrome. If I could only be as organised for my lectures and study time...

First lecture in less than 5 hours... Oh joy.

Laters, M xx