Friday, 25 July 2008

Nancy Sinatra "Bang Bang"

If you liked Kill Bill, you'll know this song... :)

Flu's, Cinema, and a Space of a Life...

..."How does it feeeeeeel.... in my armmmmssssss....."

I like that song :)

Been ill the last week, cos so much stuff has happened, I just felt so low. Today I feel a little better.
Saw 5 movies the past week, omg, crazy! Angelina actually looks gorgeous in "Wanted", always hated her til that... Mmmm! lol.
Also saw "Hancock", "Batman: The Dark Knight", "Kung Fu Panda" and "Wall-E". All of them were really good. Did see three of the five movies on the same day... I know, weird, lol :D

Send just a few CVs to different schools but they're not opening again til September, so I feel so bored. Reading a lot, not listening to much music as the laptop's finall away and getting fixed... Miss the net!

Hugs x