Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The End of a Shitty Year...

Just feel like jumping up and down...

So far, I've two of my Resolutions started, which is:

1: Booked my Driver Theory
About to join a Yoga Class

There will be more added and I hope to fulfill them. Just happy to have those two sorted.
At the moment, Róisín is playing baseball on the Wii, Breda's on her way to her boyfriend's parents for a few days, my parents are sorting out dinner, and I'm writing a piece here. I've a ton of spots on my face from the chocolate overloaded week (sorry, maybe 2 weeks) that I've had at home. Haven't gone out drinking once, which I don't mind. If I had good drinking company, I'd enjoy it, but I don't have that.

Santa got me cool slippers I wear about the house all the time, so comfy.
Also love the Wii so much, we got Super Mario Bros on the Shopping Channel at 500 points (5euro), and we've a ton of other games to get too. All the old favourites are on the Channel, like Megaman, Columns, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Shinobi, and Golden Axe. Used to have the Nintendo NES and the Sega Mega Drive when I was younger, so kinda recognise a lot of the old games... Ah, memories... ^_^/

Still have no job. Really really REALLY have to do something about this. It's just ridiculous now. Hate the stigma attached to it, like people think you do nothing, and it's just not true.

It's going to be a better year, 2009 is going to be my year. It really is...


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Very Merry Christmas...

... and a Happy New Year to all x x x

Loads of Love...

Maire x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas lights and Candy canes...

There we go, that time of year again. Those familiar songs are playing again, the days are growing short, the cats are playing with the brightly lit Christmas lights.. Oh yes, it must be Christmas! That 'happy' time of year. For contemplating our little lives, to see who loves us and thinks of us. To look over those hills and see the wonder of this world...

Yes. I feel that at times. Not everyone is happy all the time though.

Am still at home in Connemara, planning on going back to the city tomorrow to do a little bit of shopping, and a little bit of spending time with friends. Picked certain days for friends so they don't clash, and I can dedicate all my energy on chatting to each of them.

Shane, the most wondrous friend of them all, will be turning 25 on Wednesday (tomorrow), yippereeee! Getting him a little cake with sparkly candles (hopefully), and gonna just chill in with him Thursday night bitching and watching DVDs...

I'm unsure of Simmy yet, either seeing her Friday or any day after Saturday night. She's the loveliest person you could meet, a little darling. Met her when we were working in Supermacs years ago, and she's since married and had two gorgeous children. She always looked out for me too, when getting me a job away from Supermacs. I'd only known her a few weeks, and she'd gotten me a job with her in Boston Fashions, ah the funniest time. Havent seen her in two years now, it'll be good to catch up...

Then, on Saturday, I'll be meeting Sandra and little Alex for the day. Am babysitting Alex for his Mummy that night, cos she's gonna relax with her friends, so he better be good ^_^ We always have the best laugh together, she's a mad one. Wouldn't change her for anything tho!

Oh, and guess what we got for the whole family for Christmas?

The excellent, fantastic, incredible... Nintendo Wii! Yippee!
Well, we split the cost 5 ways, but we got it ^_^ Oh yeah! The sisters and myself ended up playing with it last night, just to give it a 'test run'. Loads of stuff with it for €325... Three games, 2 controls, loads of accessories... Money well spend! We're supposed to be wrapping it up tonight..............

Hmm...... ^_^

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Coming up to Christmas...

How's everyone been?

Am at home for Christmas, which is nice. Haven't picked up any presents for anyone yet, as Id to pay a huge dentist bill. And with no work, am just stretching for now. Tough, but positive.

My weight is very bad, recently had to cop on again. Afraid to weigh myself, but feels like 15stone. Confidence is low, but I'm good, really.

They finally picked up my dead laptop today. Took them long enough! Should be back after Christmas though. Nevermind, this is the season for family and friends... :) I don't need a laptop for that...

Thinking of buying chocolate and biscuits for everyone, the nice ones. I wonder would people see it as the thought that counts? Hmm.

I'd love chocolates for christmas... Mmmm :)
... A bit of romance too, maybe. Haha.