About Máire

Hey guys. My name is Máire Ní Mhaoláin. Am originally from the Connemara Gaeltacht in Galway, but I have been living in Galway city for the past number of years. I am studying BA in Irish and Celtic Civilisation, which I am fascinated with, especially reading Early Irish Literature.

I started off this blog a few years ago as a way to vent my creativity and emotions, my thoughts and ideas, into one area of the internet which was my own. It hasn't exactly been rosy, but I do love my life, my friends and family.

Here are some photos of my bestest friends in the whole world!

Mary Ann, Sandra, and me

My very best friend Shane, and me

Myself and Órfhlaith
I hope to continue to add to my blog in the years to come. Always remember, the happy times come with the sad times, and love yourself more than anything. xxx M

Contact details: mairemullen@gmail.com

Updated: 29/11/2012