Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Walk through Leitir Móir to An Trá Bháin...

Scroll over the map below to see the area of the different photographs...

Oileán Gorunma
Photo 1 to 12
Photo 13 to 19
Photo 20 to 23
Photo 24
Photo 25 and 26
Photo 27 to 33
Photo 34 to 36
Photo 37 to 43
Photo 44 to 50

There's a lack of photographs of the Gorumna Islands online, and I wanted to show people this area on the West coast of Ireland which is hidden away. You hear places like Cliften and Letterfrack, where people think is the 'real' Gaeltacht, but the Irish language is fluent here in the Gorumna Islands.

It took just over 2 hours to walk from the first to the last photo, with hardly any rain. If you hover over the map of the Island, and all the photographs, they're marked from 1 to 50, with text describing where the place is.

I'd like to acknowledge thanks to the Ceantar na nOileán website, as I copied two of their maps for use on this project, and that I took all of these photos on a 'luckily' sunny morning on August the 4th, 2009. I wanted to show people how lovely this area is, especially when it's good weather.


Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

Wow Maire! I really want to visit that place now. I thought Galway was nice! wow.

Grannymar said...

I feel the peace soak into me just looking at these pictures. Wonderful!

Thanks to Darragh for the link!

Jennifer said...

Great work describing all the pictures too. I'm sure its amazing to look at.
I just had a brilliant weekend in Galway. Your lucky to live there.

Bob O' said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I was in Leitir Moir this summer with my wife. I wished I could of spent more time on Gorumna. It is hauntingly beautiful. The church in photo 3 is Ban Tiarna Lourdes agus Naomh Colmcille (Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Columcille). My cousin, Fr Whalen, use to be the parish priest there many years ago. I have some old pictures of Leitir Moir and some newer pictures from my trip this summer on my website (pages 2 & 6).

thank you again and I hope to get back there soon
Bob O'

Anonymous said...

hi my gran is from trabane and its great that you've done this webpage; maybe you could add the graveyard overlloking the bay as I could show this to her as many of her relatives are buried here-sppoky i know but it would mean alot thanks!

Katrin Reif said...

Oh how I miss the Irish landscape! I hope you're fine! Hugs and kisses from Germany,

Denise said...

Wow, thanks for posting your awesome pix. My family is from Tiernee (long ago). Marie, since you are from this beautiful island maybe you could tell me if you've ever seen a little church ruins down by the pier in Traw Bawn. Some say there is a gravestone of Miles McDonough there. He is my gggggggrandpa! I want to come home to Gorumna!

Anonymous said...

I saw my family in Galway last year but didn't have the time to go to Trabane where my family is from. I still have relatives that live on Gorumna/Lettermore. It is wonderful to see it through your eyes! Thanks a million for your post!

Bridie 7-5-2013 said...

Lovely photos and the scenery is beautiful I was bought up in trabane
It was very hard to move away? Specifically from the lovely sea there is a lot
Still going on 16 years over here U are doing a great job and thanks very much for letting me do this. Good Luck

dflymartin said...

Great photos, Marie! I've been there once, many years ago. My dad's family were from there: Flahertys and Cooneys. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

my husband is from trabane and his parents are buried there,if you go on to google maps street view you can have a good look around right down to the graveyard.