Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Slowly turning into a morning person...

Guess that's what happens after a few morning classes, the light entering your room quite early, and constantly going to the Dept of Social and Family Affairs...

Which means I get tired earlier and take naps, or just conk out for a few hours, which means I wake up early again... Think it's supposed to be a good thing... Giggle.

Keep smiling x


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Music stuck in my head...

Good morning everyone!

Another lovely warm sticky day in Galway, think it's like that for most of Ireland right now. We complain only cos its not normal nice heat, its that sort of humid heat...
Just had my big cup of tea in bed, and chatting away to my boyfriend Gordon online. What a way to start the morning! :)

I had the best time with Gordon last weekend, and am missing him so much. I arrived to my baby giving me cuddles and a kiss from the bus stop, and we walked back to his place. We spent the first night cuddling and chatting to eachother, it was really comfortable and just felt right... Not sure how to explain it...
Think he's addicted to the yummy white chocolate bars and jellybeans I love, I brought 2 big bars and a big of Jellybeans with me. We shared everything together :)
Watched a few movies, cuddling all the time. He even showed me around Belfast on Sunday, even though I'd rather spend another few hours staying cuddled to him... Giggle.
Even made me lunch for the bus back to Galway on Monday..... Awww :D... It's definitely the little things that matter...

I love you baby xxxxx

So far, I've passed 4 out of 7 ECDL (European Computer Driving License) modules, another 3 to go. Finished on the 10th of July, so another 2 weeks.
On the 9th, I'll be babysitting for Sandra, and on the 11th, Shane's thinking of holding a house party while his mum is away, so that weekend's going to be well busy :D

Went to Hazel's house party last night, and had a brilliant time. Saw Hazel and Eamon, Shane, Mairtin, Breda and Patrick, Serena and Liam. It was a good group :) Drank diet Lemonade cos felt I'm usually really quiet and shy at these gatherings, so didnt wanna add alcohol to the situation, would be more quiet....
Hazel is a great party host, full of good chatter :) Nice finger food and drink too. She always makes it great :D

I brought over Doritos, but glad they didnt get opened, or I'd have them finished. Just had a salad. Been putting up weight again, stressed over money stuff and ECDL, but needed to see everyone last night, so worth it!

Sad about the news of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fosset this week, R.I.P.

Checked my Chinese Zodiac
Me: Water Dog
Him: Fire Rabbit
Us: .............................. Very well matched!

Love you Gordybaby xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hugs and Cuddles everyone xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I Love my Gordybaby...

These photos are of seeing my boyfriend Gordon in Belfast this weekend.... It was the best weekend ever! I love u Gordybaby x

Monday, 15 June 2009

Hopefully... 4 more days til I see Gordon...

Am getting really excited about meeting him. We've chatted online for over a month, and get on really well with him... Always been the one to take the first leap when meeting someone, and he makes me so happy... Once I start cuddling him, I'll not wanna let go :) x

To Abby... Adore my American girl, keep smiling. Sending my Angel to you to give you sooooo many cuddles, you won't be able to breathe :D x

Job is still unattainable. Plus, I've no money coming in anymore, so its very tough. I'm keeping positive, love my family so much, they're such a support...
Just been eating more again, dreading going to Weightwatchers this Thursday :( But, it has to be done, and gonna try to be more positive again.

I am really blessed to have a loving family, a brilliant guy in Belfast waiting for me, and few good friends. I don't keep in touch with my friends as much as I'd like, but I do love them.

Sending a million cuddles xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Britney Spears in London Weekend...

It went brilliantly... Just back... Putting up some photos, smiles...