Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sad thought...

I don't know... I heard that sad Christmas song "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg, and if it ever comes on the radio again, I'm turning the radio off.

Why did someone say, from coming out of a coma, that he loved me, with his parents and his best friend watching?
Why did someone that adored me for the way I was, abandon me?
Why did someone, who loved me for many years, think I was a complete weirdo one day, and hated me for the rest of his life?

(All different people, but you see the trend here....)

It's really really depressing, and it really really hurts.

Damn sad song, grrrr.

Friday, 11 December 2009

At my struggle to write a Celtic Civilization essay on Love and Jealousy, as well as a ton of study (I have not been able to do), I've decided to finally write a piece here.

Honestly, I did it to myself. Took too much on, and now really struggling with it.
I love University, it's the best thing I've ever done for myself and my self-esteem, but just have too much to study now. Just wish the essays weren't there to finish as well.
Next semester will be so much more organized. I promise.

Am doing well as a First Arts student. I see myself in a lovely robe, walking up to the podium in three years time, and receiving my Degree. It will be such an achievement.


So, I went to see Lisa Hannigan a few days ago at the Róisín Dubh in Galway. My uni friend, Rebecca Otto, got me back into listening to a few Irish bands, and Lisa was one of them. Wow, she is just amazing! First time I've ever seen her live. She is just so brave to go it alone (well, she does have half of Damien Rice's band, but still...)

See how great she is... Big smiles!


Of course, I fancy a few people, but just want to have fun with my friends for now. I think one guy I like in Uni has a girlfriend, as he could not be single. If I had to describe him in one word.... Beautiful. I've never said that about any guy in my life. But, he just is *Sigh*
I wanted to write a piece about this guy, but just couldn't find the words...

The joys of life, huh...


Ok. So, that's me, up to a point. Lol. I really should get back to this essay, and the study :( Please, please oh please wish me luck.

Loadsa hugs x

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Je ne t'aime plus mon amour, je ne t'aime plus tous les jours..

Am in a better energy this week. Am eating dinners at the university canteen, with tons of vegetables, and just feel less tired and stressed...
Well, I am a little stressed. Have a ton of reading to do, which I have started on, but it sees no end. Will have to just take it one step at a time. Smiles.

As for the guy issue, think I'm finally sorting things out in my head. Whenever I'm angry, I write it down, instead of txting it to him. He never txts back. I put all my negative energy in those emails and texts, that I have no energy for myself.
So, I'm putting my energies into my study, trying to anyway.

I am so happy to have such brilliant friends and family around me, so much support I shouldn't have lost sight of, and you know what...

He'll get whats coming to him. Someone like him always does. When hes on the street without a home or a job...

So, its a sunny day in Galway city, on a Saturday morning, and I need to be at the library, photocopying books. Ekkk! Smiles. Love you all...

Kisses x

Monday, 5 October 2009

Am not holding up very well. Feels like my heart was torn out and kicked around with. He kept saying he loved me, and one day, it's just gone. How can you keep going after that?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

If I ever Love again... It won't be on this Earth...

Yet again, I'm broken hearted. A sweet soul consumed by worries of money.
A soul not able to completely give all to me, made all the lies and excuses of a coward.
I wish only to be happy in this life, and not be consumed by evil thoughts of loves past.
My woes in life are but a annoying distraction of my wonderful future ahead.
May I smile and be tear free again.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

University finally starts... Fun times!

So, I'm awake on a Tuesday morning, getting ready for Pass Maths at 10am... I know, Pass Maths. Do you think I'm crazy? I might be.

I've chosen my four subjects for the first year of Arts:
*Celtic Civilization
*Pass Maths
*Sociologial and Political Studies
Am hoping to get my BA in three years, and maybe go forward with teaching or that area, will see what subjects I love to study. Smiles.

Already, I'm using the Library, without a tour. Amazing! Even found 4 books I needed on my own... (Well, ok, I have a little help with two books...).

It's too early. I've had a tea, but it's not helping.

I started University classes properly yesterday.
*Maths was tough, at one point, I started becoming panicky, but calmed down and just took the notes. I'm sure it will make sense once it clicks in my head.
*Celtic Civilization was great. We found out it might not make sense most of the time, but that's how it's supposed to be. Read one of the saga stories the lecturer recommended, and loved it. Loads of testeosterone and fighting, it was so funny.
*Irish was my last class, and am very proud. The lecture hall was so packed, students were standing all over the place and sitting on the steps. I ended up standing at the very back, and couldn't hear half the lecture, but spoke to the lecturer after, and he hopes they can split the class into two group. That would be great!

Today, I'm treating myself to a haircut, to make myself feel good. Also, going over to Natalie's place for dinner and a nice girlie chat. Should be fun, but we've class at 9am the next day, so I hope we can wake up for it, giggle.

The Mature Student party will be tomorrow at 8pm, a relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully, my new friends will be going as well. It should be a great night, huge smiles. Also, gonna join some Societies too, hope the Chocolate Society is fun!

Wish I'd gotten more sleep, not sleeping much lately. Smiles and Cuddles xxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Walk through Leitir Móir to An Trá Bháin...

Scroll over the map below to see the area of the different photographs...

Oileán Gorunma
Photo 1 to 12
Photo 13 to 19
Photo 20 to 23
Photo 24
Photo 25 and 26
Photo 27 to 33
Photo 34 to 36
Photo 37 to 43
Photo 44 to 50

There's a lack of photographs of the Gorumna Islands online, and I wanted to show people this area on the West coast of Ireland which is hidden away. You hear places like Cliften and Letterfrack, where people think is the 'real' Gaeltacht, but the Irish language is fluent here in the Gorumna Islands.

It took just over 2 hours to walk from the first to the last photo, with hardly any rain. If you hover over the map of the Island, and all the photographs, they're marked from 1 to 50, with text describing where the place is.

I'd like to acknowledge thanks to the Ceantar na nOileán website, as I copied two of their maps for use on this project, and that I took all of these photos on a 'luckily' sunny morning on August the 4th, 2009. I wanted to show people how lovely this area is, especially when it's good weather.