Saturday, 6 February 2010

Funnery in Febirthday!!!

The month of February... I love this month... My favourite month of the year... It's such a small month, it doesn't bother anyone. Besides the one day in the middle of the month, where lovers get together and give eachother their hearts. I'm not a big fan, most of the time.

Anywho, it's my BIRTHDAY on the 11th! Woo hoo! I'll be older. Fun!

So, I'm going to celebrate the only way I know how... Text all my friends and tell them I'm going to the Roisin Dubh in Galway for a concert. Afterwards, we will stay in the lovely Roisin for drinks. The artist I will be humming to will be Vyvienne Long, another part of Damien Rice's old band (check out the piece I wrote on Lisa Hannigan in Dec '09). She sings this song on a cheese ad called "Happy Thoughts", and the full version of the song is the bestest! Oh, and she does the best cover of "Yoshimi". Ah she's great, big smiles.
Enjoy these videos of her...

Yoshimi Video:

Happy Thoughts Video:

So yesterday, for the First time in (Honestly) years, I bought 6 albums! They were all worth it :) I bought two Damien O'Rourke (1 studio and 1 live), Lisa Hannigan, Sigur Ros, Fionn Regan, and The Clash. I've yet to purchase Snow Patrol "Up to Now", Vyvienne Long's albums, and one or two more I can't remember.

Supposed to be doing my assignments, but they're so hard :( :( :( So sad.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts will save me... La La La.
Loadsa hugs xxx