Sunday, 4 May 2008

Easy to Fall for Someone Anywhere in the World...

This thought has been on my mind now the past week. The Internet's 15th birthday was celebrated this (or was it last) week, and with all the meeting points online and the ways that people search for friendship and romance, that it's truly easy to fall for someone, from across the waters, or indeed, the other side of the world.

Been an internet geek for about 10 years now, being a regular Yahoo! chatroom visitor in the middle of the night when my parents would be asleep upstairs. Had quite a few arguments just convincing my Mum to let me on for "5 more minutes". How the world has changed. No written letters, people disappearing without any contact, unless they have an MSN/AOL account and an email address. If you don't have those, you're lost to the world forever.

I try to remain a strictly Irish to Irish chatter these days, used to have internet friends from America and Australia even, but most of the internet people turn out to be "weirdos". Went through my MSN account the last day and deleted half the contacts, people that I wouldn't talk to anymore. I try to keep people that say a Hi every once in a while, it's nice.

I was never a talkative person. People thought I was snobby cos I was quiet. I heard some people still do think of me that way. Doesn't matter.
I expressed my thoughts through my diaries, my music, and always got lost in my daydreams. Still do. The internet and my diaries got me to express the mad looney person that I could be, if I could open up to people. Find it very hard though.
My "so-called" friends bullied and teased me, but I hav gained a few real friends throughout life. I never got into sports, stayed indoors. Everyone is different.

You could find yourself starting to chat to someone in Japan or Argentina or Australia, and before you know it, you've fallen head over heels, and both of you want to meet up. Ok, so it works some of the time, I've heard stories, but it doesnt always. You could lose touch, lose the internet, get busy, life takes over, relationships suffer. It's all about communication. If you lose that, your heart breaks. Don't start on something unless you're prepared to work at it. Romance dies if you don't work at it.

It was such a lovely day today, tried to study but its so hard to study, not used to it yet. Theres so much to take in. Afraid I won't be able to take it all in. It's very hard to find a school to approach as well, just to survey the Special Needs Assistant for a week. You might need a Garda Clearance letter, which I'm hoping they won't need, cos it's supposed to take months to get one. The tutor says it should be ok.

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