Thursday, 11 December 2008

Coming up to Christmas...

How's everyone been?

Am at home for Christmas, which is nice. Haven't picked up any presents for anyone yet, as Id to pay a huge dentist bill. And with no work, am just stretching for now. Tough, but positive.

My weight is very bad, recently had to cop on again. Afraid to weigh myself, but feels like 15stone. Confidence is low, but I'm good, really.

They finally picked up my dead laptop today. Took them long enough! Should be back after Christmas though. Nevermind, this is the season for family and friends... :) I don't need a laptop for that...

Thinking of buying chocolate and biscuits for everyone, the nice ones. I wonder would people see it as the thought that counts? Hmm.

I'd love chocolates for christmas... Mmmm :)
... A bit of romance too, maybe. Haha.


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