Monday, 15 June 2009

Hopefully... 4 more days til I see Gordon...

Am getting really excited about meeting him. We've chatted online for over a month, and get on really well with him... Always been the one to take the first leap when meeting someone, and he makes me so happy... Once I start cuddling him, I'll not wanna let go :) x

To Abby... Adore my American girl, keep smiling. Sending my Angel to you to give you sooooo many cuddles, you won't be able to breathe :D x

Job is still unattainable. Plus, I've no money coming in anymore, so its very tough. I'm keeping positive, love my family so much, they're such a support...
Just been eating more again, dreading going to Weightwatchers this Thursday :( But, it has to be done, and gonna try to be more positive again.

I am really blessed to have a loving family, a brilliant guy in Belfast waiting for me, and few good friends. I don't keep in touch with my friends as much as I'd like, but I do love them.

Sending a million cuddles xxx

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you either jellybean. Im sitting counting down the hours until you can get all the cuddles you want although a weekend will never be enough with you :(

And you will get a job, as will I. We just need to be patient and keep our fingers crossed and hope our angels will look out for us :)

I just hope i can make you happy when your with me. Love you Maire xxxx