Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy 100th Blog!

I can't go out in that weather! Really! I can't!
Ok, I'll txt people so they can let me know what happened.
I don't have a car, only being safe...

How is everyone? Happy 100th Blog! A momentus time for me, as I thought this would be a forgotten hobby like everything else I've tried my hand at.
But, I love writing this. I have good days and bad days, but everyone does. I just choose to write them down. Nothing wrong with that.

What has happened? Well, had finished my exams on the 18th of December, and had 2 essays to finish by the 21st. After all that, I got to suffer from tonsillitis during the Christmas and New Years, so stayed in for a lot of it. I wasn't a happy bunny at all. Even missed out on eating proper Christmas dinner :(

It is now a new year, 2010, and things are looking up. This is supposed to be my second day back, but I'm afraid to walk through that really windy weather.
Edmund came to visit Galway on the last days of 2009, so I got to chat with him. It was really good to see him again, it's been so long. Known him around seven years now, my first kiss and all that. Hope this time, he'll stay in touch more often. Big smiles.

There are no resolutions this year, as they never work. All they do is pressure you. I can't be pressured further than I am going to be this year. Smiles.
Just be a more positive person, meet friends a bit more, and you will feel better inside.

And that Beatles song... Change it to "All you need is music...", and maybe a little love...

Darragh (of DigitalDarragh.com fame) has invited me to visit him this weekend in Drogheda for a trad session weekend. I can't wait to see him playing his music. Wish I'd learnt my tin-whistle over the last few months again.

Thinking of going over to visit my friend Patchie in Plymouth soon as well, looking out for cheaper flights. That would be great! :)

Been more social in the last few weeks (not counting Christmas and New Years), than all of 2009 put together of socialising. Been brilliant! Seen Lisa Hannigan and A Band Called Wanda, been to a few trad sessions, listened to my friends Rebecca and co playing instruments. It's been great! And I'm more of a fan of Guinness than ever! Haha.

This weekend was so great, on Saturday, went to The Crane Bar for a trad session with Rebecca, Brendan, Matteo, John and Megan, so much fun!
Then, on Sunday, me, Rebecca and co went to see A Band Called Wanda. Brendan plays in the band, check them out at ABandCalledWanda.com. Brilliant music!
Spent a few hours after uni yesterday, relaxing in Taaffes Bar on Shop Street, listening to trad music from 6 til 8pm, with a nice cup of tea.

This is so much better than going to a nightclub. You get to listen to real music. This is what I was missing. Smiles. Hugs, chat you soon x


Shane said...

Congrats on your 100th blog. :D

katrin said...

hey! i wish you a happy new year! i love reading your blog and to learn, whats going on in good old ireland. big hugs from germany, katrin