Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well.
I think I'm more suited to writing than vlogging. But, haven't written in a while.

Exams finished on Friday 23rd which was a relief. But, I may have to repeat the Mathematics. Hard work and grinds will be needed for the next month, so that will be fine.
Also, am finishing off my Irish and Celtic Civilization essays. Thought they would be easier, but procrastination is hard to tackle.

Am single again for the millionth time, even though we broke up weeks ago. Tried to make it work with Ed, but it just didn't work. I think I am bad for people.

The new goal this summer, for 4 months, is to lose weight. (Damn I forgot to weigh myself again, and I've just eaten). Have yet to check my weight without eating, but I think it's around 17 stone (238 pounds / 109 kgs) at the moment.

The goal is to get down to 15 stone (210 pounds) by September '10.
In the fridge and cupboard I have:
*rice krispies cereal
*low fat milk
*chopped carrots
*houmous (for dipping the carrots into)
*a few frozen lasagnes
*light philedelphia spread
*oatcakes (for the spread)
*bewleys normal teabags and clippers green tea
*Normal food: pitta bread, cheese, ham, light mayonnaise (in case I really am hungry and need to make a proper sandwich)
*And some bramley apple tarts if I want a sweet treat....

What I need to get:
*Cucumber slices and Rice cakes/Waffles
*Rice cakes dipped in chocolate

I'm going to do this! I'm going to lose this stupid weight! Over 2 stone to lose!

Also, I'm hoping to travel this summer. Already have planned to get tickets to Boston, MA, and Aachen, Germany. Fingers crossed!

My back is very sore for a few weeks now, not been able to walk much. Wish I could fix it, but all I'm doing is relaxing it and hope it gets better soon.

Loads of hugs to everyone, and I'll write back soon. Smiles xxx Maire x

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