Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Shiny Morning...

Good morning.

It feels like a better morning than usual. The sun is unusually bright, shining in my window, seeing as it's 7am in the morning. I don't wake up this early.

I had such a nice chat with my best friend last night, he came over to visit. He reminded me not to be always negative on myself, and try to focus on what I have to do now. Don't focus on things you haven't done, focus on what you need to do.
So, I'm trying to remember that.

Today, I'm not going to be negative to myself, and hide away from all my friends. Decided to wake up early, and walk into Galway city. I have some gift vouchers for music and book stores, so am going to use them. Also, I've no pretty shoes to wear for going out (one of the reasons why I dont go out, cos I've only got runners).
So, will buy one pair, so theres no excuse.

If it doesn't rain (much), am going to sit beside the Spanish Arch for an hour or so, and admire where I live. There is a beautiful place outside my bedroom, and am too afraid to go outside this comfort zone.
But, I'll try today.

Am listening to "The Swell Season", nice music to wake up to...

So, Good morning to you...

M x

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