Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Letter to my Friend about my Weight...

I recently wrote a letter to my friend, and it sums up how things are at the moment for me. Maybe I should write letters and post them more often.
Makes me want to write more...

"Hey hunni,

Thanks for the email addy and the message earlier.
So, its good news really. There's no damage to my body, nothing is broken or put out, thank god. My back and legs have been in such pain, but am lucky there's no damage.
But, she said I'm at a BMI of 45, so she said I've seriously got to lose that weight. I told her I totally understood that, and that if there was any way I could see a dietitian or nutritionist. She said that there isn't one publicly, that I'd have to pay for it, and I said I didn't mind. It's for my health.
So, she rang one at the Galway Clinic, and she has to now write a letter to the dietitian to refer me to her.
I have to go see my doctor every month now, to check on my weight and health, but she said I'm very healthy for an overweight person.
My body work seems to be great. So, that's brilliant news.

Yeah, I would never get up for a walk this early, but I couldn't go back to sleep, and I was worried, so that pushed me out of the bed. I'd rather walk early in the morning as well where nobody can see me, but can I ever usually get out of bed so early? Nope :)

It's 5pm now. I ate from 12pm to now, and total calories I ate were 1687. Isn't that crazy?!
All I had was crossaint with ham & cheese (from shop), weightwatchers tortilla chips (18g), tiny 99cal choco bar, and my dinner consisted of 2 noodle portains, 2 large sausages and a swechuen sweet chili sauce thru it. Hahaha. Food portions will have to become smaller :D

Yesterday though, when I started the calorie count change, I'd eaten 2461, so I've done way better today. But, that still might change lol. My weakness for food is there.

I'm totally never this fixed on something, ever. I mean, I've always hated routine. But, if you need any support from me, I'm there for you. Think we all need motivation and a push. Hope you don't find my emails boring lol. Am just so excited about this.

She had to take me off the Yasmin pill, because of the weight. I told her I was fine with that, told her I'm not even concentrating on guys or sex these days, that control of my weight is number 1 right now. I just want to be able to walk normally again without pains all over my body.

My friend is coming to Galway tomorrow and Saturday. So, I'm not looking forward to the walks, a load of pain. But, I wanna do it.
Oooh, the Heathers are playing in HMV Galway on Saturday at 5pm, woo hoo :D Can't wait to hear that lovely Discover Ireland song from them (the one that came on Blogtv)... Hehehe :P

Chat ya later girlie :) Máire :)"


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