Monday, 9 August 2010

There is nothing worse than sitting in bed, drinking tea and eating custard creams, flicking through Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, and realising, why am I doing this AGAIN, ALL DAY?

MSN, mostly to be seen as "Appear Offline", so nobody thinks, "OMG, she's always online! Does she have anything else to do?". Although people have already commented on numerous occasions, just how much they've seen me online..

And, I started out so good in June, plans worked out as to what to do and where to go. I learned to play the tin-whistle a bit, and I walked everyday. I lost a little weight, and that made me happy. But then...

Low emotions, a few drinking nights out, and back to being a lazy, unemployed 27 year old, unsure of her future in anything. Why do the littlest things distract me? People tugging on my emotional strings, trying to borrow my love and the little money I had. Looking at people thinking, oh wow, they have a job, a social life, and a lover. Why can't I have that? Because I've already given up.

I've given up so many, many, many times. I try again, and then I give up again. What happened to those success affermations (oh dear, I can't even spell properly anymore)...

Never ever EVER give up!

Clear your mind of the word CAN'T!

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have!

Hugs, M x

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Queenofmynamesucks said...

I hear ya huni, the drive to success is alot harder than I've ever known, this year alone like.

Trying new things and then becoming lazy and giving up.

Chasing after 'new exciting opportunities' to be let down and then thinking ach whatever i give up (again)

The last one seems to be the recurrent issue for me!! I think you're doing well, you've acknowledged the present situation, you know you want to move forward. I think we both suffer from the "power to succeed" thing! *Hugs* If ya need to talk you know where i am =] L xo