Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I woke up to a howling wind activating an alarm to some building or car, either that or a burglary happened. It's too far away, so am not going to bother my bottom and find out.

So, things are going well in University. Am back in the thick of things, reading over notes, articles, poetry and prose, interesting little pieces of information that tie the whole thing together.
There's two worrying problems about this, lack of time and constant tiredness.

I know I've asked tips on tackling tiredness before, but I should be feeling on top of the world these days.
*Am taking my multivitamins and 3Omega tabs.
*I have breakfast, lunch, and sometimes a proper dinner, sometimes a spelt bread sandwich.
*I drink lots of water, cranberry juice, and Lyons tea.

Yes, it's fun fun fun here :/

I haven't weighed myself recently because am afraid to see if I've gained anything. Honestly, I know I've not pushed myself with losing the weight as much as I said I would. It's just a question of "where's the time?".

Lumbar Puncture #2 happened on Monday, 12th of September. At that point I was down to 117kgs.
It was done at the Medical Assessment Unit on the Ground floor of the UCHG.
This time around, the doctors found it very hard to find a space at the back of my spine to insert the lovely long needles. They were on their last go when they found a space, so they proceeded to remove a good amount of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF).
Due to the amount of times I was poked with these needles finding a space, I suffered from very bad headaches, and two days after, I couldn't hold most foods down, so I lived on chicken noodles for that time. I began to feel normal 1 week and a half after the procedure.

I did not fully get back to university life and study until 2 weeks after. There was a lot of material and classes to catch up on, but think I'm up to date now. To be honest, there are people worse off than me, and they are the people I think of now when I get up in the mornings. Am lucky.

Need another tea. It's 6am. Why am I up? Urgh.

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