Tuesday, 2 October 2012


 (A mixed real life and fiction story, submitted to Blogify...) 

We have already been living in the new house for three weeks. In that time, the dishwasher has broken down, a huge amount of assignments are due, and I neglected to look after myself properly. It has been such a clusterfuck, it’s not even funny. There is now a chorus of coughing throughout the house.

The societies had been taking priority. I felt like I was an advocate to all of their causes, and I tried my best to be at every meeting. But, this week, I have taken a step back, and decided to help those I truly enjoy (i.e. BlogSoc being one of them, of course!).

I had the weirdest dream involving a swarm of bees a few nights ago. Hmm, a dream… More like a nightmare. Because I had been so worried about assignments, and talk of bees the past few days, this might have triggered the horrible images.

They say that dairy products give you nightmares before bedtime, so either there was too much dairy in that scrummy Oreo milkshake or I had taken too much cough syrup.

This dream started out in the kitchen of the new house. Outside the window, I could see that a massive amount of dark clouds hung in the air. The back garden’s walls were broken down, and the earth looked very dry, hardly any plant life.

A huge swarm of bumblebees buzzed around the sitting room and kitchen. They were massive, the size of basketballs. Their black and neon yellow stripes were scary to look at, like their sting was going to point straight at my head.

I ran towards the back garden. Flowers started popping up everywhere, even though the harsh terrain had been a tundra to begin with. They started buzzing louder, heading towards me. I wasn’t sure what would distract the fearsome beasts, so I quickly pulled a bunch of flowers from the ground, and threw them down the basement.

Somehow, I could triangulate their main headquarters to the NUIG concourse. But, they kept following me, buzzing towards me. I ran around Eyre Square, towards the Spanish Arch, and around Salthill. I kept running and running, until I woke up with a cramped foot. Ouch.

The moral of the story is, wear coloured socks. They are the best items of clothing, ever. Random coloured socks are even better. They are always guaranteed to cheer you up when you’re stressed or ill.  

(Photo by http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/ )

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