Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dreams... Is it just me or are my dreams more vivid than ever?

(an image of the 'Tower of Babylon')

The past two weeks have been crazy. All sorts of dreams kept coming into my mind, there were nights when I'd wake up and be afraid someone was around me, watching me... Some are good dreams, but some stranger dreams have made me curl into my duvet.. How do you feel? When you have these, do you feel they drain your energy for the rest of the day? Like, you've been really living these dreams, and now you have to live the living day?

Some were really special dreams... Like, there's one of me, Dad, Breda (my sis), and Julia (my cousin), and we were all in Mamo (Granny) Maolain's sitting room.. Julia, who has Spina Bifida in real life, was in this dream, happy, talking to us and smiling. She hugged my Dad and Breda, but I was unsure at first. She greeted me with the warmest smile, came to me, and hugged me so tight. After that, I felt so close to her.. I haven't seen her for 8years or so now, she lives with my aunt in Boston.. Was the warmest feeling waking up that morning...



Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

Maire, although personally, I'm not as effected as you are by dreams, your certainly not the only one out there. there are dream analysis experts out there who take this very seriously.
Dreams are very important. Usually their our subconcious giving us something we're not getting when we're awake. fear and exilaration are all needed to balance everything out.

Kittee83 said...

It's just so strange though. I had another 3 vivid dreams last night. Can't remember them being this 'heavy'... :)