Sunday, 12 October 2008

Early nights, and all that jazz...

How ya be today! :)

This morning, I woke up to hear the immersion doing the loudiest noises, thought it was gonna blow open. Someone forgot to turn it off last night. Luckily, nothing major happened, but it got me awake. Decided to order grocaries off This site was soooooo slow, it took 4 hours to do my €22 list, then i find out it wouldn't deliver on Sundays. Swear to God, I'm so blonde! :D Eventually got ready, put on my iShuffle, and skipped down to Aldi and Dunnes. And, I think I did better than Tesco in saving €1 for myself... Giggle.

Been going to bed around 10pm or so most nights the past week, happy with that considering I've the internet again. Just spend the day today on that stupid Tesco site, listening to music, and reading friend's blogs I havent read in ages..

Trying to save up to buy the last two Cecelia Ahern books, "Thanks for the Memories" and "The Gift". Saw her on The Late Late Show on Friday, wow, she's so nice. All her books seem to make me laugh and cry, which is why I have all her book. One Christmas, Shane got me a signed autographed book of hers, he said she was lovely and a petite person. Hope to see her myself someday.

On Friday, I went to meet up with Sandra for a tea. She wanted help with picking out tops for herself. She didnt expect to buy 4 tops though, giggle. All my doing! She looked gorgeous in all of them, so very happy with that. Plus, asked her to help me pick out clothes and shoes to buy for her little boy Alex's birthday present, was overly enjoying myself, bought too much, giggle. It was good to do something nice for someone though.

Am gonna start aiming to lose my weight again over the next few months. Had a bad few months and just gained weight. Can't join this week, but next week, I'm going to join Weightwatchers. The doctor said I needed routine in my life, cos I just still feel very lost. Am confident I'll find myself again though.

In the next few weeks, I should hear if I've passed my Certificate in Special Needs Education. Not been thinking about it, but it's something to look forward to.

So, if you want to ask me any questions, leave me a comment, and I will answer as honestly as I can... Keep smiling x


Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

Ah hello there stranger. Iwas beginning to think you're blog had dropped off the face of the earth. Good to see your still kicking...

Kittee83 said...

Yes, lol, and I promise there will be more blogs to come :)