Tuesday, 22 September 2009

University finally starts... Fun times!

So, I'm awake on a Tuesday morning, getting ready for Pass Maths at 10am... I know, Pass Maths. Do you think I'm crazy? I might be.

I've chosen my four subjects for the first year of Arts:
*Celtic Civilization
*Pass Maths
*Sociologial and Political Studies
Am hoping to get my BA in three years, and maybe go forward with teaching or that area, will see what subjects I love to study. Smiles.

Already, I'm using the Library, without a tour. Amazing! Even found 4 books I needed on my own... (Well, ok, I have a little help with two books...).

It's too early. I've had a tea, but it's not helping.

I started University classes properly yesterday.
*Maths was tough, at one point, I started becoming panicky, but calmed down and just took the notes. I'm sure it will make sense once it clicks in my head.
*Celtic Civilization was great. We found out it might not make sense most of the time, but that's how it's supposed to be. Read one of the saga stories the lecturer recommended, and loved it. Loads of testeosterone and fighting, it was so funny.
*Irish was my last class, and am very proud. The lecture hall was so packed, students were standing all over the place and sitting on the steps. I ended up standing at the very back, and couldn't hear half the lecture, but spoke to the lecturer after, and he hopes they can split the class into two group. That would be great!

Today, I'm treating myself to a haircut, to make myself feel good. Also, going over to Natalie's place for dinner and a nice girlie chat. Should be fun, but we've class at 9am the next day, so I hope we can wake up for it, giggle.

The Mature Student party will be tomorrow at 8pm, a relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully, my new friends will be going as well. It should be a great night, huge smiles. Also, gonna join some Societies too, hope the Chocolate Society is fun!

Wish I'd gotten more sleep, not sleeping much lately. Smiles and Cuddles xxx

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