Friday, 20 February 2009

I am so upset..

I am going to kill my laptop... No INTERNET, AGAIN!!!!!!! At home in Connemara, using home computer.... :'(
Why is my laptop punishing me???

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Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

I know what will fix it.
face west,
chant these words.
"uma con, uma kay, uma un, uma kon, uma norro uma numa uma numa kon."
Now, find a willing sacrofice and take about twenty ML of blood from his or her hand. It has to be the hand. The palm would be the best. Now, make a circle of about two inches on the middle of your floor. make another circle within this exactly 6 8th's of the outer circle. Now, crossing the inner circle, make a square with an x through it that doesn't quite reach the outer corners of the square.
Repeat the chant above again for exactly 56 minutes and 12 seconds. This will reserect your laptop's sound and internet connectivity.

Note, very important! If you don't do exactly as is written here your laptop will never work ever again and no future laptops you get will have sound or network connectivity. I'm sorry. That's just the law.