Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blogger's Block...

To answer Darragh's question (being my Number 1 fan), I have Blogger's Block. What to write, what to write... *giggle*

Twitter is on my phone, Addictive or What! Now, how to add it onto this blog...

I've the next two weekends filled, with Oisin's 3rd birthday lunch and Sandra's birthday night, both on this Saturday. And next weekend, its me, Darragh, Emma and Freddie on the loose in Drogheda... Woo hoo! Fun times! Cant wait to meet Emma. Darragh's been going out with her the past few years. I've been told great things about her, but I've not been introduced, so me think a few drinks and a chat are in order :D

Also, Darragh's friend Abby added me on Twitter recently. I remember him talking about her a few years ago, but we never knew eachother. Heard she was lovely.

Oh, and just received an email that I won an iPod Shuffle from . Lovely stuff! Knew signing up to all those jobs sites would come in handy... Now, WHERE'S MY JOB?!?!?!?

Still have Blogger's Block. This post seems too forced... I'll quit while I'm ahead :P



Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

A blog talking about bloggers block? There's something ironic and deeply punned burried in that somewhere. :) Thanks for writing! see? it wasn't that hard. lol

Anonymous said...

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