Friday, 20 March 2009

Summer feeling...

Sorry if I haven't been around lately, just wanted to wish everyone a belated St. Patrick's Day. I didn't celebrate the day, with so much in the family going on, was burnt out. My sister cooked us dinner late enough, and then went to sleep.

It's been so warm here the past few days, loved it. Not gone out much, but felt it a lot. We all need it after the shit year we've had, weather-wise and everything else, in Ireland. Puts you in a better mood.

Rescheduling another date in the next few weeks to see Darragh, Emma and Freddie, as was unable to visit last week. Seeing as they had a ton of things planned for me, I hope to do something really nice for them when I finally get to see them! Smiles.

Hope to babysit for Sandra on Monday and chill out in her company, and then, see Shane next Thursday, have a full Shanie day! Am just so tired after the past week and a half.

Miss Darragh and Abby loads, hugsssssssssssssssss x

Keep smiling everyone x x x Maire

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