Sunday, 19 April 2009

Better days...

Hugs to my coolest friends Shane, Sandra, Dave, Abby and Darragh... x

Love to my family...

How's everyone doing? Catching the bus to the city later, been at home with the parents the last two weeks now or more. Been helping with the washing up and general housework, it's been good.

Got a few errands to do in the city the next few days, so it should be ok. Hope to see Shane tomorrow, and babysitting for Sandra on Tuesday, as well as a good girlie chat... :)

Paid for the concert tickets, flights and accomodation to see Britney Spears in London!!! Ha ha. My sister Roisin wants to go, and Britney's playing in London in June, so I just had to get her tickets :) Saved up for ages, worth it to make her happy! :)

Oh god, I sound so boring! :) Still have Easter eggs to give to Sandra, Shane and his brother Ciaran, so hopefully I won't eat them before giving them away... Giggle.

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Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

Aw. I'm one of your coolest friends?

Well, right back at ya!

HAy, actually, Freddie's kind of annoyed you left him out. think you'll need to edit that post. :)