Friday, 4 September 2009

Strange senses...

So, on Thursday night, I went to support Shane as he read his story at the Over the Edge monthly Open Reading of stories and poetry readings. He will be a featured reader on Thursday September the 24th at the Galway City Library, so I can't wait to support my best friend again. Also, he's in the Short-listed 30 writers for the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year. So, watch out, Shane Ó Maoildhia is such a creative poet and writer, and a really great best friend. Wish him the very best of luck! Smiles.

The next day, Friday 28th August, I brought Shane and my sister Roisin for an afternoon Japanese dinner at Kappa-Ya (I love that place!), and we all had something to celebrate. Shane had been short-listed, Roisin received her Learners Permit for Driving, and I was starting University as a Mature Student.

Now, for the strange senses...

I was in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop (a really good bookshop where a lot of Second Hand books can be sold as well as new books)... (Sorry, a lot of name dropping going on here, but I love all these places in Galway city).
So, I was there with my sister that day, and wandered around all the books. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. We'd spend an hour looking through books, and she'd found 4 that she really liked.
One book from the shelves stood out for me, but I couldn't buy it, as it takes me forever to decide on something to buy for myself. It takes me months before I decide to buy something I really want. But, this book kept nudging at me to be bought. So, I left it, and decided to go home with Roisin.

.... So, on the 3rd day of my Mature Student Orientation (the 2nd of September), I came in for a whole day of Academic Writing lectures with this guy called Mike McCormack. I didn't know anything about this person, like most of the lecturers we'd had all week. I'd liked what he was talking about, but found at times to be repeating himself. I'm a quiet listener, and took down notes through class. He was very good, but found at 3:30pm that I wanted to go home and write out my notes. He'd given a lot of tips, and regretted leaving early...

The next day, I decided to find out more about the book which I'd left behind at the bookshop the week before. It was the strangest thing....

"Notes from a Coma" was written by Mike McCormack!

The book I couldn't decide on.
I was very shocked!

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