Wednesday, 10 November 2010

It's Wed-Nes-Day, and I've eaten my Nes intake...

Foodwise, I did quite well today:

*slice of wheatfree bread with light butter
*2 oatibix with milk
*white wheat wrap with a little smoked salmon, peppers, tomatoes, sweet chili and light mayo
*2 baked potatoes with tuna, light grated cheese, light mayo and light butter

As well as a small pack of M&M's chocolate with my cuppa tae, I feel quite content with what I've had to eat today. I don't feel bloated. Mind you, I'm not exercising, but am really hating the horrible weather right now. You can't breathe with all this pouring rain!

Now, gonna make another cuppa and get back to my Classics reading. Meh! :)

M xx

***EDIT: I did eat another wrap with tuna and grated cheese after that! :/ *** xxx

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