Thursday, 11 November 2010

Some people are lovely... Others are users...

Please be aware of both!
I'm all too gullible when it comes to thinking the 'users' are dressed as lovely people. All too often, I get used. Remember, you are a good person, and nothing noone else does or says will change that in you.

Two particular people pop up in my mind from time to time. One person, who I cared deeply for, and wanted to fight for, asked me for a few hundred euro over a year ago. Since then, he lied to me and never paid back.
Another guy had been a good online friend for a few years. But a few months ago, when he was stuck with bills to pay, I gave him a few hundred euros, and he's ignored me since then.

I will never forget, and I know karma will get them back. They will never pay me back, I know this. Just makes me ill thinking how nice I am to people.

Look after yourselves sweethearts,

M. xx

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