Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday laziness...

Hey there!

Finished all my projects and essays for the week, and just relaxing on this Saturday afternoon. It looked yeuky but bright outside my window, think I'll venture out for a walk soon though. Am preparing a chocolate care package for my cousin and his wife in Boston, taking my time with it cos I scoff half the damn Cadbury things (hhehehehe). Yum!

Today, I went around the house, taking photos with my camera phone of all the stuff I need to pick up from the shop. Have trouble remembering what to buy most of the time, so this is a brilliant idea. For items that you've run out of, and they're usually in a certain spot of the house, I'd take a photo of that spot, and figure out what is missing later on. Don't worry, I will have a written list on my way to the shops, and not a photo album of stuff... xD


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