Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Music and Playing through Life...

I used to play the tin-whistle when I was in primary school. Breathing problems didn’t help, but I loved playing some tunes with my Generation woodwind instrument. My music teacher showed us how to write down our songs if they were a high or a low note, and we knew our keys on the six holes. It was very easy to batter though. Sure we were young; we didn’t think we were damaging it by banging it against the school desk.

These days, I purchased a nice Susato plastic whistle a few months, with a cool book of Irish tunes to try out. For some reason, I keep thinking of this as a tin-whistle. It comes from the same wind instrument family, but more contemporary. I had good intentions of beginning again, but it has not happened yet.

Recently, my best friend Shane got me a Tin-Whistle booklet for my birthday. A week later, I was looking through my book shelf for a college book, and low and behold, my lovely Susato was standing there…

What was I doing to this poor whistle, leaving it there, gathering dust? I blew through it so loudly for a few seconds. It felt brilliant! Like, wow! It had me thinking about everything I’ve ever tried accomplishing, and giving up. Story of my life. I think it’s a fear of failure, so I fail before even trying. Well, if I really put my mind to it, practice my breathing and my tunes, I am so sure I will be playing up there with Darragh and the other Irish Traditional musicians in a couple of months.


In other news, I am currently learning my lines for a one act play by Chekhov called “The Proposal”. But, there is one difference. It will be entirely “as Gaeilge” (in Irish). I am not as good to the point where I know every line, as it was my first time to practice it on the stage yesterday. But I was reassured that it will come to me on the day when we will have to perform.

The last time I had to act in something, I was a nervous teenager, had a silly grin on me because people were looking at me, and had a massive crush on one of the guys on stage. Yup, dangerous! I do still get nervous and red-faced when other people are looking at me, but I am a bit surer of myself. It’s tough when you’re overweight though.


And now, here’s some randomness for you… Do you know the “Peigín Leitir Móir” traditional song? Well, someone from somewhere got this stuck in my head, and I find it so funny and it makes me smile. Most of you won’t get it, so ask me if you don’t and I’ll explain. Enjoy!

“O pócaí pócaí
A deir Peigín Leitir Móir,
Gan pingin i mo phócaí
O thosaigh mise ag ól.”
(O pockets pockets, Said Peigin Lettermore, No pennies in my pockets Since I started drinking.)

Love, M x

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DigitalDarragh said...

well, when you want a few lessons just give me a shout. It would be great to see you stuck into a session!