Wednesday, 15 June 2011

June news...

Happy Summertimes to all!

How's everyone doing? Am just ticking over these days, seeing my parents as much as I can since college finished for the year. The older you get, the more you appreciate how much your parents did and do for you over the years, if you are lucky to have parents like mine. They are truly a blessing  in my life.

Marshy curling up in her little box
Over the last few weeks, I have gotten more into the vast amount of books on my bookshelf; my comics i.e. Tin-Tin, Asterix, and anything manga; and anything Doctor Who related. It has really relieved me of the stress of college, and is now a distant memory. I feel I could have done better in my exams, but was never an academic person. Let's just pray I did well enough to get into Second Arts.

Regarding my weight, I have not lost but I have not gained any weight the past few weeks. It has been steady. Two weeks ago, I started on a prescripted pill called Xenical. The doctor thought I would benefit from this pill during the summer. The main aim of the pill is to control the amount of fat that enters your system, and if you eat more than 30% of the daily recommended amount of fat, that it would cause certain bad consequences.

Am taking each day as it comes. I have good day with food, and bad days with food. More bad days than good the past two/three years. Just have to handle it better.

Starting to go on the online dating scene again the last few weeks. I have accepted myself as a BBW (Beautiful Big Woman) so guys know what they are dealing with. My confidence has taken a knock the last few years, so describing myself as a BBW now and guys being ok with that is helping me a bit. I know that online dating is not something I should be getting into, some of my friends have reservation with this style. I used to try it when I was younger but was never serious about it. Right now, I am a bit more serious about finding a nice guy and seeing how it goes. I hardly go out and meet people anymore; when I am out, guys never look at me, they look at my friends. Let's see  :)
A beautiful bunch of flowers from a nice guy

I met up with a nice guy on Monday in Dublin city. I had known him online for a few years, and this was our first meeting in person. I had text him on the way there, and explained that I hadn't eaten that morning. So, when he landed first in Dublin, he ran to Moore Street to pick up some flowers for me, and then ran to the shops to get me some food, and ran to meet me back at the bus station before I landed. It was so sweet :)

During the day walking and chilling out in Dublin, we chatted about anything and everything random. We checked out Forbidden Planet, one of my favourite places in Dublin, where I picked up some Cardcaptor Sakura, Tin-Tin and Asterix stuff, and he got a electronic TARDIS! I wanted to steal it off him, giggle. Generally, I am a very kind person, too kind at times. People sometimes get put off by that. You need a little banter to keep it fun, but hopefully my kindness didn't put him off me. It is the first time I've had a "kissing friend", so it was quite weird. I can be mushy, so he did tell me a few times about that. It is a new thing for me. In the future, I hope we can become strong friends, like my friendships with my very best friends Shane, Sandra and David. I am very selective with who can be close to me, it is just how I am. So, here's to my new friendship, and to finding someone to love and settle down with :)

On a final note, I started reading a blog last week: Alice Pyne's Bucket List . If you can read it at all, do it. I have signed up to the Bone Marrow Registry in Ireland because it is her wish to see everyone join this registry to help people who need bone marrow. I may not be able to give blood, but I can surely give my bone marrow. Fingers crossed! :)

Hugs, M x

Edit: I thought I had side effects from the Xenical drug, but it is working well for me now.


paudybyrne said...

u dont need to lose weight. ur a skinny bitch

SDaedalus said...

yes, look after yourself please.

when I was your age I didn't go out much either because I was worried about my spots, looking back I think I might have been overreacting a little and they didn't matter that much, but I do understand how it feels to worry about appearance.