Sunday, 24 July 2011

Summer: London.. Misterman.. Houseparty.. Food.. :)

Weight today: 19stone 5pounds

Life is good at the moment. It's the last week of July, the sun is coming out to play more often in Galway, and am  enjoying time with friends and family. The last few weeks have definitely been eventful :)

Travelled over to London for two nights at the start of July. I had planned to do loads over there, but things didnt turn out that. On the first day, I had come in plenty of time, but my friend's bus was at least 10 minutes late. We queued only to find out our boarding gate had closed and we had to pay an extra €100 each for another flight. Typical Ryanair! I didn't hear any announcement over the speakers to us to come to any other line to go through faster, but they were adement they had called for us. Never flying with them again!

My friend had felt down over the weekend, so was trying to cheer him up. I wasn't really a success to be honest. Was afraid at one point he was going to take my passport and stuff and leave the hotel to go home early, while I was taking a shower, because I wasn't being nice enough to him. Who does that to someone? Who does that? Why do I get those people in my life, messing with my head? Needless to say, I am still alive, back in Galway, and not feeling ill anymore.

The Galway Arts Festival was on for the past two weeks, so me and my friends Shane, Ciaran and Gráinne went to see Cillian Murphy in the one-man play "Misterman". What can I say... Wow! He really knows how to use a huge stage area. If there is ever another showing of that play, you must go see it. At the end, I didn't know whether to be afraid or laugh out loud, it was that effective. Was actually afraid to clap.

Of course, I was at Shane's houseparty, the annual event of our calender year! His mum goes on holidays around July every year, so he has a mega houseparty with all his cousins and friends, me included. I was still feeling over the London weekend, so he was looking after me as well, but felt a whole lot better after a few Kopperburgs and shots of Tequila ;D ... Oh and chatting to friends, of course!
He had the usual, a huge spread of crisps and chocolate, spirits and fizzy drinks. His brother Ciaran was the DJ for some of the night (music videos on Youtube), but later on, Breda brought in her IPod Bucket with loads of tunes!
We ended up in Tí Josie for 45 minutes. It's the nightclub for Carraroe, but really, it's just like a shed with music and drink LOL. Came back to the house, and he was making his famous houseparty toasted cheese and ham sandwiches! Yumminess! 

I really needed that nightout, because sometimes you just need to be around loads of familiar faces, people you're comfortable with, to chat to them and dance and all that. Feel a whole lot better after it.

In regards to being healthy and taking Xenical, I haven't been sticking to the meds. In the past week, I've taken a good amount of the meds with meals, the best I have done. I weighed myself today for the first time in a month. I have not exercised, but that has to start soon. 

On Friday, when I came back to Galway city after a week at home with the parents, I bought white spelt and brown spelt bread from Griffin's Bakery on Shop St. It cost €9.90 overall, but it is worth it if you want to stay off the wheat. It is the nicest spelt bread I have found so far, seeing as my baking skills are not very good in regards to spelt bread. You can ask them to slice the loaf for you.
On Saturday, I decided to seperate the slices and freeze 2 white and 2 brown per bag. I froze 4 bags, and put the few remaining slices in the fridge for the next day or two. I have a tendency to binge and eat a lot of those slices, so this way, the temptation is taken away from me.

Another thing I did this weekend was go on a fresh vegetable shopping spree. Well, not really. I bought a bag of fresh carrots, some parsnips, celery, ginger pieces, etc. I cut up 11 carrots, 5 parsnips, 6 pieces of celery, a good amount of ginger, 4 cloves of garlic. I threw them all in a pot of hot water, and left to simmer until cooked. Once they were done and had time to cool down, I seperated into small bags and put them in the freezer until needed. There's enough for a weeks worth of portions. I love this idea, because it's all fresh produce that you're using. The ginger and garlic add flavor to the vegetable, and also help with blood circulation. Thanks to Mum for suggesting this idea to me :D

So, I should be thinking of what I'm putting into my body instead of how many inches I'm losing in the waist. If you're intolerant to wheat, dairy and other things, you should really try not to eat them, or at least limit the amount.

*I use light SuperMilk for my cereal and tea, but that should be ok.

*I still love cheese though, I will have the odd slice of Emmental with the spelt bread now.

*I bought Special Flakes (made with corn and rice instead of wheat), so I will have that with a bit of All Bran or Rice Krispies mixed with it.

*I am allergic to eggs. Am not allowed to eat them, because spots come out on my hands. Even though I love eggs :(
*I will still have my chocolate, but very little of it. Dark chocolate if possible.

They are small little changes, but if it helps you not feel bloated or come out in spots, do it. I've only had 1 bowl of cereal so far today, and I don't feel hungry or ill. So far so good :)*

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