Friday, 13 April 2012

A piece I wrote to PCOS sufferers on SlimKicker...

"Yes, other PCOS people to talk to! :)
My story goes like this: am in my late 20s now, always struggled with my weight and self-confidence. When I was in my teens, I had the added burden of dark facial hair (oh joy) and on parts of my body. My cravings for chocolate were unbelievable. Living on a small island area, the kids weren't so nice about it.
At 19, I was 238lbs (17stone). At 22, I was around the same weight, but decided to do something about it. At 23, I was 168lbs. The facial hair was better, most of the symptoms were better. My doctors were so proud of me. It stayed like this for about 18months / 2 years.
After a tough breakup (loved the guy), the weight started piling up again... 
Now, at 29 I'm currently 279lbs. I ordered takeaways whenever I felt like it, ate 1huge bar of chocolate most days, didnt eat proper meals. This is ALL going to change! :)
After one week of SK, I lost 5lbs. I have gone on a walk every day. I am here to stay girls! I will enjoy my tiny bit of chocolate every night, but I will beat this. We will beat this! "

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Christy said...

Good for you. I understand all about the weight thing- it was always an issue for me until a few years ago. I don't have PCOS (do have a friend who does have it), but have another issue where I can only have very minimal carbs. Never easy to follow a strict diet(okay, I cheat with chocolate now and then) but it's been worth it for me. This app looks pretty cool. Wishing you the best with it!