Saturday, 19 May 2012

A To Do List...

How much do I hate Facebook? Loads. But, it’s just too addictive. College is college, am finished (more or less) for the summer. May is here, and the weather does not know what to do with itself.

I have a lot of hospital appointments over the summer months (don’t worry, nothing serious…  x), but will work around that. Also have plans to 
*travel around the Irish Gaeltacht (irish-speaking) areas, 
*take up drawing / animation, 
*buy an electronic piano and practice every day, 
*going to a few concerts: Mumford and Sons, James Vincent McMorrow & Lisa Hannigan, Electric Picnic..
*read EVERY book in my bedroom (which is a LOT of books I have gotten, but not read), 
*build up my music CD collection… 
And, on top of all this, I want to get a job.

If you don’t have plans, what is life for? You can’t just sit back, be scared, and do nothing while you look for work (I’ve been doing a lot of sitting back)… :(

Was listening to the radio a little while back, and some guy was talking about the view people have for “fat” people applying for work. He said that a lot of companies now view a “fat” person as “gluttonous” and “lazy”.

 The Collins Dictionary description of these words:

Glutton : Definitions:
1. a person devoted to eating and drinking to excess; greedy person
2. often ironic a person who has or appears to have a voracious appetite for something  a glutton for punishment
*Word Origin
C13: from Old French glouton,  from Latin glutto,  from gluttīre to swallow

Lazy:  Definitions:
Word forms: lazier, laziest
1. not inclined to work or exertion
2. conducive to or causing indolence
3. moving in a languid or sluggish manner  a lazy river
4. (of a brand letter or mark on livestock) shown as lying on its side
*Word Origin
C16: origin uncertain

You cannot judge people who have a weight issue on looks alone, but sadly, people do. Some people might have a problem with losing weight, not working for a few months/years; or some people might have a health issue, but does not stop them from applying for work. It is all about your looks for the company, and maybe that you might be slower than most. They do not know you, but they should give you a chance to show you’re as capable as “slim” people to work.

Take care,
M x

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