Monday, 10 November 2008

Good Strong Teeth, but still addicted to Chocolate...

Yes, I went to the dentist today. It had been nearly 3 years since my last checkup, when I had to extract a tooth out (I've two extracted teeth, not really missed, gorgeous smile anyways...) ^_^

So, after a good clean and checkup, they wouldnt have thought I'd had a sweet tooth, even though I ate tons of chocolate, but truthfully told them anyways. They gave me a talk about how important it is to floss (which, I promise, am starting on now) and use Listerine, but to come in in a few weeks for 1 filling. I couldn't believe it, was expecting 10 fillings at least! I have strong teeth, but I tend to grind a lot, which is a problem as well, so they're going to have an xray done, to see what can be done to change that.
Really found the whole thing interesting. People forget how valuable teeth will be as you get older, and the younger you can tackle properly looking after them, the better. Am blessed to have a magnificent smile, and got to look after it... *Bing**Bing*

Met up with Shane for a 15 minute chat, was a bit of a speedy thing, because he wanted to get the next bus home after his Writing class in town. A whole gang of them are heading off to London this coming weekend, I decided against it. Had enough of London for a while, besides, saving money for Christmas... ^_^

Oh, checked the Lotto website, and I've gone and won a €3 scratchcard, so yippee, I'm so collecting that tomorrow! Pray I win a quarter of a million! *Giggles*

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