Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Treated myself today...

I don't spend much on myself these days, as Ive to keep whatever money I have, but it was a good day today.
The women at the library were so lovely to me, I'd brought back a book I've kept for 2weeks overdue today. I told them I'd pay whatever the charge was, and the lady told me it was fine, she gave me a few days grace. It was really lovely of her. They were really helpful to me when I was studying books there for my Special Needs course, so they remember me ^_^
And sure enough, I got 3 Stars with the scratchcard, so here's hoping I'll be spinning the wheel in the future *giggle*

I was really happy today, so treated myself to buying various accessories in New Look and Penneys. Was having a really hard time finding a new belt for my jeans (I'm a large size 18/20), so its torture finding belts for myself. There was 1 in New Look but only a code sellotaped on it, written in hand. So, I asked a lady there if she knew the price and if any other belts like this were in stock. She checked for me, and when she came back, she said that it had been discontinued a while ago, and said I could take it for free if I wanted. I was shocked, offered her money for it, even for a charity, but she insisted it was fine. Thanked her, and told her I was buying accessories here anyways, to which she smiled at me, and said "Enjoy that!".

...Which I did. He he.

Nightclothes, Scarfs, Bags, Purses, Bras, Socks, Hairbands... Whats a girl to do! ^_^

Oh, and my free Belt... Good karma.

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