Monday, 6 July 2009

Arts... Gordon... Food... Kittens... All connected...

Kind of... (Giggles)

No, not really. But, am in a happy mood these days.

First off, I accepted an Arts course in the National University of Ireland, Galway, today. Am so thrilled to have this chance, but not sure what I'll study yet. Would like something that could help me further my chances with Special Needs children, or young children in general, but I can try to do evening courses in those areas while studying Arts.
Wow, am going to be a student, at a university... So strange. Dreading the fees, but will work it out. Got to look at grants yet. Typical me, leaving it until last minute.

He went missing for a few days, but he's back, and he's mine! Giggle. Jellybean for Gordybaby xxxxx <3

Cut down on junk food the last four days, meaning less white chocolate, less biscuits, less tortilla chips. Felt really low the last few weeks and stopped going to Weightwatchers, but am back on my way again. Drinking a litre bottle of water every day as well.
Will go back to WW when I feel I'm ready to, in a few weeks. They says they dont judge if you've got up, but its the tone of their voice... Just put me off track for a while.

And, on a sad note, Marshy lost one of her kittens. The baby died at some point yesterday afternoon, and we have yet to bury the little creature. It's sad to lose life, even if you've only known the spirit for a few days.
God Bless you little white kitten in the sky...


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