Saturday, 8 August 2009

Out of sync a lot...

My sleeping pattern is all over the place the last while, and getting headaches, which isnt normal. Am a bit worried about the Grant forms for University, really hope I get something to help me out financially for the next year.

Can't wait to start Uni, they have some study skills classes coming up there for Mature Students which is great. Am going to take all of them. Am worried about essays, but that should be ok, as long as I get the studying in.
Haven't focused on four subjects yet for the Arts course, should I do Irish, should I not? Hmmm.

Since coming back from Belfast after seeing Gordon for a brilliant 8 days, I really miss him. It's not been the same since I came back, and I still adore him. I think we really look cute together (Giggle)

We just spent time together, holding hands, cuddling a lot, playing World of Warcraft, watching movies, chatting about things. He's a brilliant cook :) But now, it feels like we're waiting around for things to move. Nothing's being moved, time goes slow. But, I'm so proud of him. Two interviews to look forward to this month, a place to live. I believe in him and that it'll all work out for us. Huge smiles to my Gordybaby :)

The kittens are growing up really fast. They're about 6 weeks old now. Buddha is the toughest of the three, running around the room following people's feet, and jumping out of tall cardboard boxes with a single bound ^_^". While Dora and Bubbles had been ill before, but are slowly recovering. With eye infections and hardly strength to eat from their mother's milk, most of the family have been cat-sitting, trying to feed them kitten milk and cleaning their eyes. I pray that they'll grow strong and live.

Have a lot of photos from home which I'll be uploading soon, doubtful it's my best photographic work, but hey, I like the place.

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