Monday, 24 August 2009

Tea and Wheat Free bread... Tasty with some light butter...

Hooray for me!
I actually baked wheat free bread, and not those ready mixed packs, its the actual real stuff. Oats, Rye, Rice, Barley, well proud. The batch I made turned out quite small, but it was so tasty and the texture was moist. I hope to adjust the ingredients for the next time so I can make a bigger loaf.

I have an intolerance for wheat, and a few other things, but mainly focusing on wheat right now, one thing at a time. Found out in January thru an intolerance test, but not had the will to keep off bread and things like that. Bread has to be one of my weaknesses in life, I love a nice tasty sandwich :) So, this will be a good change for me, and a hobby as well, if the house isn't full of party people for the university year. We'll see.

Am playing this online game called Evony at the moment, it's quite addictive. I've been getting into a lot of addictive games lately, and it's not healthy. Took a break from The Sims 3 a while ago, and am only ever on World of Warcraft when Gordon wants to play with me, which hasn't been much. But, I don't mind.

Why are Health shops so expensive? Wish I could buy a dairy free chocolate bar that doesn't cost 4euro, or my favourite Japanese rice cakes that doesn't cost 2.50euro. It's so annoying when you can't afford these things, especially as I'm unemployed and going into full time education. But, gotta just compromise. Education or eating healthy. What a choice!

Every minute I chat to Gordon online, I miss him tons. Hope to see him next Tuesday at the latest. It'll be for a few days but oooooooooooh I can't wait for his cuggles and kisses

x x x MM 4 GL x x x
***i <3 u***

p.s. Things have changed, and I won't be able to see Gordon for a few weeks.

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Jennifer said...

Hey! Good to read your blog again. What are you going to study? I'd kinda love to be a student again.
I don't think I'm alergic to any food, but my aunt does food alergy tests and keeps saying she'll test me if I want. I'm scared encase she puts me off something I like! Agree that health shops are far too expensive.