Sunday, 6 March 2011

My first stage performance... Enter Stage Right...

I feel so tired today. Just had a chill out day, while doing bits of my essays :)

My first performance on stage yesterday for Feile na gColáistí (the College Festival) keeps coming back to haunt me in my mind. I played the ‘mother’ (formally the ‘father’) in the one act play, “The Proposal” (“Cursaí Cleamhnais”) by Anton Chekhov, through the medium of Irish. I keep remembering lines I forgot to say, or weird looks I did when I forgot a line, or that red belt I had on my outfit that kept falling off me. I keep going red, even now, overthinking about it all. Urgh, cringe.

But, everyone seemed to enjoy the play, which surprised me. My parents, sister and her boyfriend came to see me perform. *Cringing* Yet again, thinking about another part of it… The play was a bit of fun, at the end of the day. There will be a few festivals in the next few months, so might take on the role again. More practice on stage though, methinks. Speak more clearly, and slowly. But, I am happy I did it.

The cast and director of "Cursaí Cleamhnais"

After all the cast and members of the Irish Drama Soc NUIG had dinner and a few drinks in town, I chatted to a taxi driver on my way home about the day’s events. He told me that the taking part was what mattered, that I didn’t run off the stage when things got tough. Because there’s patient in that hospital across the road that would crawl out of their beds, just to take part in something as big as that.

This world is tough, but it’s so amazing. I am so incredibly lucky.


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