Friday, 4 January 2013

Cool T-shirts and Christmas Scenes..

I feel like my throat is slowly feeling better, so am happy. I could sleep for days, but the cough is still there. So, during Christmas I was told about two different t-shirt companies, Qwertee and TeeBusters which are great websites for selling one-off t-shirt designs for up to 24 hours. They cover various tv shows and movies: Doctor Who, The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Iron Man, Sherlock, Mario Brothers, etc. And at around €10, more or less, they are worth it!

On Christmas Day, I got some nice little gifts from my parents and sister. There was plenty of food. and it was a nice relaxing time with the family. Everyone gathered together for one day, it was great to chill out with all my brothers and sister. 

A Christmas scene from "My Neighbour Totoro"

Am thankful for my good friends, and I love this photo of me and my bestie out on St. Stephen's Night, the craziest night out of the Irish calendar (besides St. Patrick's Day).
Me and my best friend, St. Stephen's Night 2012

Smiles, M xx

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