Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Illness Ahoy!

So, I went ahead and booked an appointment with the doctor for today. I had hoped to not visit the doctor, as I believed I could look after myself, but my throat got very sore in the last day. :'(

At the doctor's clinic, I had found out from an earlier blood sample in September (the last time I visited) that I had an iron deficiency. Well done M, you know how to look after yourself properly... :P
Anywho, I also have a severe chest infection and shortness of breath, so prescriptions for antibiotics, two different inhalers, steroids, and iron tablets. Woo hoo! Go health 2013!

Another major step was taken on the 30th December, when I stopped eating wheat, eggs, and dairy products. A few years ago, I found out that I had an intolerance to a lot of things, mainly these three items. But, I continued to eat them, which had left me with a bloated stomach, and spots on my hands. I would take anti-hestimines when I needed them, but this is the time now to stop eating the poison that's bad for me. I have to take charge.

Here's some motivation for my sexy self right here:

Cuddles to all, M xx

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