Thursday, 17 April 2008

Attempts at my first video...

Well, am very proud of myself. I made my first video! Although there's no talking, just wanted to take the time to show my bit of "artwork" out.
Stomach's not been the best last two days, and not had much sleep. Mum thinks its the Galway water (I only had a tiny bit), am very sensitive to it because I had gotten ill with it last year. It had been contaminated with Cryptosperidium, so was very ill for a few weeks. Anywho, I SHOULD NOT drink the water! :D So ha to me.


Here's the loverly wuverly video of me, staring at the screen...
Enjoy x

P.s. The computer won't let me upload my own video! Ahh!
So, here it is... From Youtube :)

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