Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Visiting the Gorumna Islands

It's completely different from the busy streets of London. Wish I'd have a camera to take some photos and show you how lovely this place is.
My mum was telling me they were having such terrible weather since winter, and its only been nice the last two days. I wonder why... (smiling...)

Must be my little bit of magic...

The shoulder and back are in such pain since pulling those bags this weekend, think it's going to be a while before the pain goes away. Gonna take a relaxing bath to relive the pain tonight.

It's so nice to be home. The room was kept aired, so Id no problems sleeping there like I had before. Throat and nose used to be clogged up whenever I slept a night there. Got to sleep in til 1pm, feeling sorry for the boyfriend though. Sounds like work's really tough for him at the moment. Can't wait to hear from him when he gets to relax.

Mum made a gorgeous dinner, chicken tikka masala marinade, veg & mash potatoes. Yum! Missed proper food. All this takeaway and packet stuff where I lived before. Enjoying a lovely cup of Lyons Tea now while Ros na Run is on. Wish they didnt have subtitles on, annoys me.

I'll write some more soon. Hugs :)

EDIT: Here's an aerial view of Leitir Meallain...

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