Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Wandering around London

So, I got to see a little more of London yesterday.

It's so good to know the tubes (Underground) now, cos you know your starting point then. If you're interested in saving money while you're in London, its worth picking up an Oyster Card. You can get these at any tube station, or pick them up online. All you do is top up your card at any station and you can use these cards on any tubes or buses in London. Your bus fare goes from £2 to 90p, and tube prices fall as well. Also, if you've used it for the day, it'll stop charging at around £6, so its very handy for travellers. And you get to keep it and use it next time your over! :)


Started off on a walk from the boyfriend's place to Canning Town, and got the tube there to Holborn.
Had a walk down to Covent Garden and up Neal Street, cos I had to pick up my lovely MAC foundation and concealer, love that stuff.
On Neal Street you can also find photos of Banksy's work, which are already ready to be hung on your wall. A guy there sells them everyday outside, Small £20, Medium £30 & Large £40. Banksy doesnt sell them himself, unfortunately. If you havent heard of him, Banksy is a well-known pseudo-anonymous English graffiti artist. Here's some images of his work..

After looking at the photos for 10 minutes or so, I had to pull myself away and wander down southwards towards Lyceum to the Waterloo bridge, and walked beside the river eastwards to the Shakespeares Globe theatre, where I went on a 40 minute tour of the Globe itself. Learnt a lot about the history of the theatre, and they have a great museum there as well, where you find out about the plays they had there, the costumes and materials they used, the way they used the stage to show a Heaven, an Earth, and a Hell. Also, the music they used at the time, and the way they must have built the Globe at that time.

Afterwards, had a lovely ice cream cone from Mr. Whippy, yayyyysssss! Walked then eastward again towards London Bridge station. Theres a lot of great shops and resturants under some of these bridges I never knew about, and a lot of Starbucks Coffee shops everywhere :) I <3 Starbucks Hot Chocolate! Gorgeous!!! :)

So, it was a great day. Will do more again soon. Maybe today, havent decided what to see yet. Spending the few nights with the boyfriend until he has to go home on Friday, its nice :)

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Darragh Ó Héiligh said...

Sounds really cool! I'd love to just go for a mozy around London for a while.

But, forget that shitty art stuff. They had starbucks! That's the most important part of London! In fact, any city.