Friday, 4 April 2008

A Night at Avenue Q...

Hey all.

I had a lovely few nights now with my boyfriend, starting off with Sunday night at the cinema.. Met up at Cineworld in West India Quay to see "The Orphanage", with Guillermo Del Toro as the Executive Producer. Its based in Spain, all Spanish actors, so the movie comes with English subtitles. Del Toro also directed the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Devil's Backbone". The Orphanage was creepy at parts, I jumped at a few bits, but thought it'd be scarier. Ollie didn't want to see it 'cos he freaks out at scary movies, but he wanted to bring me 'cos I couldnt wait to see it, and I was moving home soon :) Sweet..

We had some lovely Indian food after that in Westferry, and then travelled back. I loved freaking him out! :D

As you all know, I went exploring London on Monday, and then Ol cooked us dinner that night. We both like pasta and chicken, so he made a yummy dinner for us :)

On Tuesday, I was to meet my friend Angie from St. Pancras station, 'cos she was just back from Ireland, but when I heard she'd landed there while I was waiting for the DLR, I just gave her easy instructions to follow to make her way home. I wouldnt make it to her for another hour at least. So instead of meeting her, I'd gone to my beauticans. My skin was very irritated for a week, and it was really bothering me. Feels a lot better now since, really needed that. Supposed to cut down on chocolate and drink tons of water, both of which I've done well with since Tuesday. Very proud :) .. So, I made dinner for Ol that night, first time in months to be honest. My cooking skills have gone a bit rusty, but Ol is a good teacher. He said he loved it, so I'm happy :D

On Wednesday night, we went to The O2 Dome in North Greenwich to see "Drillbit Taylor", very funny I have to say. Heard some bad reviews about it. Owen Wilson could have been a bit funnier, but the young lads were great in it.

Had a lovely Starbucks Hot Chocolate as well, while he had his Hot Milk with Caramel..

Thursday was our last night together on a date, and the title of my blog.. We went to the theatre to see "Avenue Q"... We met up at Leicester Square, where we first got some food at a noodle bar.. He'd ordered a Lemon Chicken and Rice, while I got my fave Sweet & Sour Chicken and Noodles. He hated his, tasted like Washing Up Liquid! Giggle. Poor guy, I shared mine, but he only ate some..
Then, with half an hour to the show, we went looking for an ATM! :) Found one..
The show was brilliant, they're puppets, but with a lot of naughtiness ;) Oh, the puppets did it for me.. Ol just wasnt turned on tho... Giggle ;) :P

I couldnt help it, but I was a bit emotional last night over moving home. I couldnt hide what I felt. If this is how hard it's going to be for the next few years, of course its going to feel this way. But, he tried to calm me down, make me see that if it makes me happy, I've got to do it. It still hurts though, he has a piece of my heart...
(Yeah, throw up time!) :)

Now, I just ate his garlic bread while he's at work, and gonna take a lovely shower. Ollie, Good Luck on travelling to Contae Corcaigh this weekend x

Gonna cheer myself up with a lovely Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry in Angel tonight, see my friend Thomas from Ireland on Saturday (hopefully), and get ready for my move home on Sunday... I cant wait to see Shane and all my friends and family again. Enough of my boring-ing-nes-nesssssss :D Hugs x

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Ollie said...

Never boring-ness.. great week with u, and many more to come!! :) x