Monday, 7 April 2008

Galway is SOOOOO cold!


Now I remember a reason I moved away...

Am after having 3 cups of Lyons tea and a slice of toast since landing at the pad in Galway city. The shoulder feels like it's been pulled from its socket to be honest, need a good massage. Don't know anyone that does shoulder massages though... :(

Am kinda tired, but ok. Closed the eyes for half an hour, but the urge to txt my friends here was so great, I went online to Meteor and txt everyone I could think of. Not many replied obviously, busy-ness of the Irish life and all that... That's ok.

My boyfriend was a good alarm this morning. Didn't sleep much though, wanted to be ready to go. He'd landed back from Cork for the weekend, all smiles and unshaven tired eyes. He got to see his first nephew Cormac, 1 month now. He took some photos of baby Cormac, very tiny and cute :) We chatted for a bit, but he was falling asleep :) We cuddled for most of the night...

Got the first train at 5:10am to Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 (there's 5, very confusing). Not sure what time we landed, must have been 6:45am or so. Ol helped me with the 2 really really heavy luggage bags as far as he could. We said our goodbyes, it was very tough. Kept my smiles up til then. He'd bought me a teddy Sheep from Cork as a surprise, I want to call him Eweie (giggle), but he likes the name Pig. We're still undecided... x

So, 2 airplanes, 1 bus, and a lift from my sister Breda, and I'm back in cold cold Contae na Gaillimhe. Had a tea and a little flapjack in London, and a tea and a packet of crisps at Shannon. Had a changeover at Dublin, but didn't pick up anything. They've added a lot of shop in Dublin Airport since I was there a few yrs ago. Very cool! Just zoomed through.

The parents want to see me tonight, so think I might travel back to Connemara for a day or two. I've this awful dread in my stomach, can't shake it off. Feel very lost. Hope it gets better this week.

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