Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Started my new course... And a quiet few days...

Thought I'd write a few bits before bed.
Should have been packed and asleep by now. Am visiting Shane's mum's house in Carraroe tomorrow for the night. Loadsa chat and fun with Shane and Ciarain :)

Had a few low days, but it was because I didnt have anyone around me. It can get depressing here on your own. But, been active since Sunday.
Met with Shane, and then Hazel gave us a lift to her place. Got to see Oisin for the first time in ages. He can walk, he can talk, and he can really go mad! Giggle.
Lovely child, I adore Ois! We went playing motorbikes and cars while Mummy was chatting away to me, Shane and Mairtin Terry.

Ah was lovely chatting to Mairtin as well. Poor guy, always working. He gave me a loan of his cards for a few days. Each card has an image on one side and a story on the other side. Its meant to make you focus on something other than your daily routine, so you have a calmer air about you. I've read two cards so far, am very into analysing things and making my own meaning out of things, so its really good.
He's good to lend me them for a few days, something else I like :)

Monday was Shop day, and got about €50 worth of essentials and food to keep me going for two weeks. Ah yeah, doesnt matter. A lot of money for someone not working, but hey.

Tuesday was course day. Yes, my Special Needs Education Cert course. It started at 7pm. I walked to town, and got a cab at 5:50pm, was there at 6:15pm (traffic was baddd). Paid €7, not bad.
There's about 30 people in the course, with 2 guys in it. Mainly chatted to the girls there. Got to know Mary, lovely person. Also (trying to remember some names...).. Roberta, Maire, Louise, Audrey, Theresa, Patrice, Maire, and I remember one of the two guys names, James. Didnt chat to the guys though.
Me, being totally quiet, tried to chat, so got on with Mary. We had to talk about the person sitting beside us (Mary), then we had to watch a video and chat to the other person about their thoughts of the video.
We had a break at 8:30, and got chatting to Patrice. We finished up by talking about different families, so that was interesting.

We finished early at 9:30pm and I chatted to Audrey and Theresa for a bit while I was waiting for Breda to pick me up.

I mentioned the word "study" to Breda, and she couldnt believe I used the word. Giggle. I was gonna study tonight, but ended up checking emails and all that. The usual.

Am planning on making a video soon again, so check Youtube from time to time.

Gotta wake up early, so I better get some sleep. But, have a look at this video I saw in class, you'll enjoy it.

"Do schools today kill creativity?" Ken Robinson, TEDTalks...

Night x

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