Monday, 14 April 2008

Sunday with my coolest best friend :)

I'd a nice weekend mostly by myself in Galway. Everyone seemed to be busy, so it was ok. Decided to chill out to music really. Had troubles falling asleep a lot, Saturday night (more like Sunday morning), I couldnt fall asleep until 4:30am!

So, Shane didn't know that he would be woken early and dragged out by his mum to go to Galway. He told me that night he would arrive a lot later in the afternoon, so poor Shane was sitting outside while trying to ring me to wake me up :D Awww! Felt so bad for him... Giggle! He didnt mind at all :P

He helped me reorganise my bedroom! Theres a lot more space now, we moved the wardrobe and bed to different areas, he did most of the work tho. The poor guy, I kept saying 'Later', but he was persistant! He's the best! Wouldnt have been done otherwise, love it :D

We did a shop in Dunnes, got all the essentials for a lovely Chicken Pasta Bake. Gorgeous!!! :) I would do it again for sure.

Shane's Chicken Pasta Bake

Serves 2 to 4 people at €11.19 (all ingredients price proportioned)

Ingredients: *Fillet(s) of Chicken *Olive Oil *Salt *half an Onion (Red if possible) *1 Courguette *Pasta Quills *pot of Fresh Cream *Tomato Puree (paste or tin) *1 Red & 1 Yellow Pepper *Grated Mixed Cheese *Butter

*fillet(s) of chicken, into a pot of salt, pour in hot water to just cover the chicken, boil for 20 or until white;
*pot of a bit of olive oil, put in a half a thickly-cut onion & 1 thickly-cut courguette, to cook for a bit;
*another pot of pasta quills, hot water & salt &(or) olive oil, let them cook til soft;
*once chicken's done, keep water (now a chicken stock), take out the chicken & cut it to pieces, throw into pot of onions & courguettes, and cover wit at least half of chicken stock, let stock absorb into everything;
*after its absorbed a lot of the stock, throw in a pot of fresh cream & about 70g or so of tomato puree, stir til a bit thicker;
*thickly slice a Red and Yellow Pepper, and grate some mixed cheese;
*pour water out of pasta, throw in a bit of butter, stir & leave to absorb;
*once EVERYTHING's done, get a Parex or Lasagne dish, put everything into the dish, with mixed cheeses and peppers on top, and let it cook in the oven til cheese is slightly browned (depends, 20 to 30 mins);
*serve on its own, with a salad, or garlic bread :) Yum!

We had it with Garlic bread, I like doing fresh garlic bread, with bits of crushed Garlic meshed through butter, but had some Garlic rolls in the freezer, so didnt go into the bother :)

We were talking about all sorts of stuff that had been happening, and we went into a conversation about dreams as well, I dont know, but I like talking about dreams and wondering what they mean. He was telling me about Lucid Dreaming (when you get to direct your own dream). It means, when you realise in your dream that you're dreaming, you have the chance to direct it yourself. I told him I'd had some dreams like that. There was one where I kept going to the same part, because my brain wanted to take control, but I wanted to do different things. Am very stubborn, giggle.

We chatted to Breda there for an hour, was so cool. Her and Shane get on great, its just so tough staying friends with certain people that were in our group, just great Shane's a solid in my life, and Breda's too.

I got myself a bottle of Rose, and he had a big bottle of Bulmers Cider. We werent planning on gettin pissed, jus to have a good time. We love Cuba nightclub so much, so we decided to go there, hoped upstairs (the Rock floor) would be open, but no luck. We walked to the club, fresh air was good. Felt good in my top, skirt and boots, we forgot to bring his camera though :( Had a brilliant time though.

I had 2 Dbl Jagar Bombs & Red Bull & a shot of Mickey Finns, while he had 1 Dbl Jagar Bomb & R.B. & Mickey Finns. We were very happy jumping around the dancefloor altho all the tiney boppers were out (yeuk)! DJ Ferg wasnt that bad after all that, he played some really good rock songs as well as the poppy stuff, so happy out.

Decided to go Londis later on to stalk our cutie Lino there (he had a Big smile for Shaney this time, he he) :D We both got a roll & I just WANTED a Jambon, giggle. You'd think I was drunk :D

While we were walking home, Thomas rang us, so we met up with him & chatted til 5am. I let Thomas sleep on the couch, while Shane had his sleeping bag, gave them my pillows and got T a duvet. Was so glad T came to visit, hadnt seen him in so long :) I was fairly tipsy tho, giggle, cant remember what we were chatting about, just ate away at my roll...

Just spend today recovering & chilling out. Thomas had long gone, so both of us took out our laptops and checked videos and stuff out. Shane had said I was mumbling in my sleep, but he couldnt understand. Been worrying a lot about things, usually comes out in my dreams when I've had some drink. I had a brilliant time with my best friend tho. Shanie is the bestest!!!

Now, gotta try to do something with this room, theres too much stuff! Ekkk! ...

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