Saturday, 12 April 2008

Courses in Galway

So, woke up at not such a good time today, 12pm. I am going to chill out for the weekend, and not worry about getting any sort of work until Monday. No point, would probably get sick with worry otherwise, and thats not good for Monday morning either.

Have just put a load of washing in. I've moved back in the city after the lovely stay with the parents. Was organising my old room here yesterday, have yet to hoover and further sort it out. Too many book, CDs, DVDs, ornements I want everyone to see, but you probably wouldnt see everything by the time I'm finished with it. It's quite a small room, used to the fact it has a single bed. Need an extension lead just to have the TV on (which I don't have right now), cos the TV at one end of the room, and the two plug sockets are at the other end. Lovely :)

So, I was researching a course I saw on the paper yesterday by chance. It's a part time Special Needs Certificate course with Portobello College Dublin. They're doing Regional part time courses, and there's one starting in Galway on the 22nd of April, next Tuesday week. The reason I was panicking yesterday was that it said in the paper it would be starting this Tuesday.

Since then, the receptionist has reached me and said the dates have changed, and I'm more than welcome to apply. It is quite a lot of money though(€967 for 14 weeks, one day a week), so Ive to make sure I can apply for a college course after this. It says I can go straight into the workforce with this course or even add a Diploma course with Portobello if I wanted, same amount of cash though. It's an opportunity anyways. Something I wanted to do for a long while.

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